With the rules at HWRC’s varying at every site across the country, it’s left many people scratching their heads and wondering how to dispose of paint in the kindest way?

Leftover paint such as paint thinner, paint strippers, and oil-based paints are classified as Hazardous Waste and most HWRC’s will no longer accept them for safe disposal.

To try and help cut through the mountain of information out there on how to dispose of paint UK, we’ve put together this short paint tin disposal guide.

Household Paint Disposal:

Where can you dispose of paint -

Your first port of call should be checking with your local Household Recycling Centre. The rules of what they will and won’t accept can usually be found on your local county council website.

Paint tin disposal may be a service they can offer, but usually, it will come with conditions on how much you can bring in and the type of paint. There may also be charges involved for old paint disposal such as mixed or liquid paint. Generally, they only like to accept water-based paints.

These sites generally prefer the paint to have dried or soaked up with absorbents, as they are then sent onto landfill. Whilst this is a cheap paint waste disposal method, it’s pretty awful for the Environment and outdated practice.

Over time the material will bio-degrade and leach into the surface water, contaminating 1000’s of liters of drinking water from just a few liters of old paint. Far better to try and donate the unwanted paint so it is reused.

Try a google search on household paint disposal near me or paint disposal near me. It may turn up a local charity or organization such as Community RePaint willing to help.

Alternatively private Hazardous Waste Collection Service companies such as All Waste Matters can provide the easiest waste paint disposal option.

Disposing of used paint tins through a licensed paint waste management company provides you with a full audit trail for your old paint disposal UK, so you can see exactly where and how the paint has been disposed of.

There is a charge for this service but we offer free quotations so please contact us today for your free quote.

Commercial Paint Disposal:

Where to dispose of paint-

All paint waste produced commercially must be dealt with by a licensed Waste Management Company such as All Waste Matters.
We can provide a free same-day quotation and have no restrictions on the type of paint we can collect, only that it is secure for transport.

The old paint tins are collected at a suitable time and charged by the kg. All collections are done so using Hazardous Waste or Duty of Care Consignment Notes, which you should retain for a minimum of 3 years as proof of proper disposal.

All of our collections are now carried out on digital software meaning you can request copies on demand and track the whereabouts of your waste right through to disposal.

The 2 main disposal routes for you old paint will involve recycling the material back into a fully reusable paint or reuse as a fuel for a waste to energy plant.

Wherever possible we prefer to recycle the paint and next year will see us roll out this option to ‘dirtier’ and solvent-based paints through a new multi-million-pound paint recycling facility.

Unusable and unsuitable paints will be incinerated in a high-temperature waste to energy plants, with the resultant energy being sent back to the national grid.


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